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This FREE Guide Helps COBRA Make A Lot More Sense.

Let’s face it, COBRA insurance is not necessarily the easiest topic to understand. After all, COBRA is like taxes, financing a car, and so many other parts of “adulting”: there’s no class in high school to teach people about the subject. To be fair, it’s probably a safe bet that COBRA class won’t be taking the place of Algebra anytime soon.

It also doesn’t help that most people who are eligible for COBRA continuation coverage have to learn about the subject at a time when their life is in upheaval and they are trying to get matters back on track. Health insurance is very important, but for many people eligible for COBRA, that concern comes after “getting a new job” and “making sure the bills are paid”.

Most people who have heard of COBRA at least know that it’s a program that helps people to maintain their health insurance coverage after losing a job. Usually, insurance providers or HR departments will provide some basic information about the program after an employee leaves, but those employees often have questions about how COBRA affects them due to their individual situation.

A Guide To Help You

That is why we have created a guide to the top 8 questions people have about COBRA insurance. To write this guide, we surveyed experts and found out the questions they get asked most often about COBRA coverage. We then took the most common questions and explained them in a simple, easy to use format. We’re confident that anyone can go from novice to expert in just minutes after downloading our guide. 

To get your copy, just click the button below. Enjoy and remember, you can get in touch anytime if you have questions about your health insurance options, even if your questions aren’t related to COBRA.