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Top Ranked Cities For Proper Health Insurance Care!

In this week’s blog, we realize that the adamancy of health insurance (now more so than ever) is really the central measure of tendency (i.e. stats jargon for “ranked highest”) in today’s currently misshapen world. So, we decided this week to give you five cities that are ranked as the highest (or lowest) ranked cities to live in for health insurance premiums. We urge you to contact us with your needs and questions.

Side note: they rated each of the top five places based on several factors.

This included population health (value of health services, low illness rate, less COVID-19…), education (schooling value), economy (how well the economy functions), housing (big houses versus rundown shacks), food & nutrition (how much poison is in each bite), environment (how much of the air is gas emission and not oxygen), public safety (based on high versus low crime), community vitality (are people happy?), and infrastructure. Let’s dive right on in! These are the best places to live for high healthcare value.

  • Los Alamos County, New Mexico

    Really?! New Mexico ranks as number one? Well, with a population health of 98.4, and relatively high numbers in each of the other categorical rankings (nothing went below 80 except for food and nutrition), they seem to be the safest. I actually have to say that their success with health insurance is the simple fact that they have a total population of 19,695 people, with a small growth rate of 1.53% (based on statistics from the World Population Review, 2020). In other words, they may be the healthiest, but this is based on the average county population of 112,566. Remember, this is one county out of thousands of others, as the U.S. population ranges around 328 million.
  • Douglas County, Colorado

    This one makes more sense, as the population Is 285,465 and the land area is 840 miles, which is double the square footage as well as almost 10 times as that of Los Alamos County, New Mexico (see above). Their population health was 95, with education at 67 and an economy rating of 87. Everything else does not drop below 65. How they are basing these numbers, I do not know. All I know is that with such a high population health, good housing and a rapid economy, there is a simple reason as to why they are number two: the population health is high because people are less stressed out! I live in Miami, Florida. Our population size is 2.72 million, and our population health is probably so bad that it does not even bear a health population score!

    In other words, Colorado is a lax state to live in, and a population of 10 times less than where Miami, Florida is, I can safely say that Florida will never rank high because we live in quite a mess. In other words, the population health is so high because there is less stress, less pollution, less gas emissions, and less angry drivers stuck in traffic!
  • Falls Church City, Virginia

    This falls in line with Los Alamos County, which was number one. It has a small population of 12,332, and covers only 2 square miles, i.e. barely a city. The population health is 98 (the highest among the three), the economy is 100 (a perfect score), and everything else is relatively above 70 points.

    This one is unexplainable, but take as an example the idea of going to images.google.com and searching: “Falls Church City, Virginia.” How beautiful and uncluttered it looks, right? Again, with a striving economy, good nutrition, and a really, really low population, there are a few extraneous variables, (100 points is suspicious)

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  • Broomfield County, Colorado

    Wow, Colorado seems to be topping the charts! Number Five is another Colorado location, and Number Seven is also a Colorado-based county! Broomfield County, CO has a small population of 55,889 individuals, with a total of 33 square miles. Think about that for a second. That is roughly 1,666 individuals per square mile!

    How are they so healthy?

    With a population health of 88 and an economy of 96, with everything else pretty much matching Number Two (never falling too far below 70 points), we can safely say that this is all based on location. Go to the same images.google.com and type in the county name and tell me: does that not look like a good place to live…?

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  • Routt County, Colorado

    Again, we see Colorado consuming roughly three out of the five top-ranked counties to live in. With a population of 23,509 and a land area of 2,362 square miles, this is our third top-ranked city based on Colorado. Get ready to pack your bags, wherever you are, and make note that Colorado has never pushed lower than a 60-70 point count out of 100 possible points. You may want to consider this not at all based on the population.

    The size consists of roughly 9-10 people per square mile. That may be a reason in their high health rating, but let us dive a bit deeper: the environment is ranked as 89 out of 100. Community vitality (happiness) is 71 points, as well and food and nutrition is at 69, which is still relatively high. The economy is 76 out of 100, we can actually attribute that their high population health is based on those two factors, especially nutrition. That means that perhaps we are right to think healthy eating is essential to our health!

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