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Why Having Private Health Insurance Can Be Beneficial

Years ago, most employees obtained health insurance through their job. Employers handled all the hard work- like researching which insurance company to use and picking coverage options for their entire work staff. However, a lot has changed recently and “group coverage”, as employer-sponsored coverage is called, is not the same anymore. Employers are cutting costs and healthcare is only getting more expensive, and if an employer offers corporate health insurance plans, it is not always the best or most affordable option for their employees. Many people are turning to private health insurance as their insurance option as a result of this trend.

Why Buy Private Health Insurance?

There are a long list of reasons to buy private health insurance, but here are just a few:

Your Insurance Isn’t Tied To Your Job, and Neither Should You Be: It’s sad but true- many people who are facing long-term medical issues will hold onto a job just for the health insurance, even if the job isn’t necessarily the best situation for them or if there’s a better offer on the table. Private insurance allows people the freedom of mobility between jobs.

Curate Your For Your Favorite Doctors: It’s like a love story gone bad, but we’ve all seen it happen: someone switches insurance plans, then they’re not able to see their doctor that they’ve been visiting for 20 years, simply because their doctor is not in-network. Another sad case is the person who asks to be hospitalized at a hospital several miles from home, because the hospital a few miles from their house isn’t in-network. The private insurance option allows people to pick a plan that is associated with the hospitals and doctors they prefer.

Curate For Your Needs: Planning to start or expand a family soon? If you have a family already, is your child going to need braces next year? In these cases, quality medical coverage for pregnancy and dental coverage might be needs worth considering when shopping for private insurance plans. Another advantage of private medical insurance is that you can shop for your needs when shopping for a medical plan, you’re not just bound to what your employer thinks you need.

How Much Does Private Insurance Cost?

There’s a general perception that private insurance is more expensive than group insurance. It may surprise you that this isn’t necessarily the case, especially depending on what state you live in. Depending on which state you live in, it may be mandated that private insurance acts like group insurance by sharing costs- but unlike employer-sponsored group insurance which shares costs across a company, these private insurance shares costs across the entire state.

If you’re not sure what kind of state you live in or how much private insurance costs in your state, it’s worth it to get in touch with Health Plan Options Today to speak about private insurance costs. Call their hotline at 855-218-3447 or click below to get more information from our team.

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