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The FREE Guide to Medicare Supplements That You Deserve

Purchasing the best Medigap coverage for your needs may seem out of reach unless you understand the 7 concepts in this guide.

Medicare is one of the United States’ largest, most successful, and oldest public health programs (it has been around since the 1960s), but it not perfect. While Medicare covers a lot, it doesn’t cover everything, nor is it always affordable, and that’s where Medicare supplements step in. Medicare supplemental programs (also known as Medicare gap coverage or medigap plans; for the record, there is no difference between medigap and medicare supplements) help address some of the holes that Medicare coverage does not cover, and helps fill in the gap when Medicare costs are too high.

How Our Guide Will Help You As You Shop For Medigap

Overall, this guide will help you gain the knowledge you need to be an intelligent medigap shopper- which is important, because without this basic knowledge, comparing Medicare supplement plans may seem like an overwhelming exercise. To create this guide, we surveyed our team of experts and asked them what they feel is most imperative that people know about Medicare gap insurance before they begin shopping. These were the 7 answers that came up the most often, and they go beyond the basic question “what does medigap insurance do?

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